Preview Posts Everywhere WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to preview your drafts on home, category, archive and search pages (and in many other places).

How does it work?

Without that plugin you could preview every post in draft status just by clicking Preview button on post edit page.

WordPress default post preview

Unfortunately, that preview is available only for single page template. If you open home or category page you won’t see any drafts there.

Preview Posts Everywhere plugin will allow you to preview your drafts on home, category, archive and search pages. Now you can check your draft’s featured images, dates, titles on every page, before you publish the post.

Plugin works out of the box and after activation just go to home page to see your drafts on posts list. You do not need to click any preview button! Just go to your site and check list of posts. Remember that by default drafts will be visible only for logged in users with assigned Administrator role.


If you want to check your drafts also in widgets (for example on widget with latest posts list) just go to settings page (Settings->Preview Posts Everywhere) and check „Add drafts to all queries” option.

Preview Posts Everywhere Settings

To be more strict, when option „Add drafts to all queries” is checked, drafts will be added in all places where WP_Query and The Loop are used.


You can download it from official WordPress repository. If you find this plugin useful, I’d be happy to read your comments below :) If you experience any problems, feel free to leave a comment too.

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